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For more information on what we can do for all of your printing and embroidery needs, please call us at 605-865-3266 605-865-3266 or use our contact form.


Dakota Silk Screen & Embroidery
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Embroidery is done by machines that take designs from our catalog, a design that we have digitized to create your custom logo or just a design we create and sew them onto your product. 


This is a high quality print method that years ago was considered much more expensive than other print methods but over the years that has changed with the updates in technology and the machines used to complete the embroidery.  Embroidery works great on almost all products including jackets, hats, polos, windshirts, hooded sweatshirts, blankets, and bags to name a few. 


There are many ways to customize your design and the number of colors used does not affect the price.  Pricing is based on size and stitch count.  Please contact us for pricing and more information.



Below are examples of just a few embroidery designs.  We have over 21,000 stock embroidery designs to choose from or we can make you a custom logo ....just stop in or give us a call.  All embroidered logos can be customized by changing the color of the design and by adding wording.  

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